Things that piss me off #8.

People who use charity donation bins as an easy way to dump their unwanted junk! 

Before reading the evidence I would have bet my transverse colon that 99% of the people doing this know that the junk they are leaving in the bins ( or, more commonly laying all around them) are totally unsuitable and inappropriate to donate to a charity organisation.

My colon may be at some risk however, as latest research has found that up to half the people who leave stuff at these bins actually lack awareness of what appropriate donation practices are.
This still seems unlikely to me as the concept of appropriate is not all that hard to grasp: If you wouldnt give it to a mate in need. Dont put it in the bins.

Also apparently, a large percentage cannot read signage either. Exibit A: photo at top of this post.

You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.

Harlan Ellison

The rubbish around our own local charity bins often appears mysteriously in the morning after being dumped under the cover of darkness.

Piles of tatty old stained mattresses, old broken electrical items, non-working TV’s, busted up furniture, rusted out lawnmowers, broken kids toys…..we have all seen it.

Of course there are plenty of us who donate items that align with each charities expectations (and what exactly they want does vary between the different organisations) providing a much needed resourse and repurposing of goods.

It is estimated that about 70% of the items donated at these charity bins are actually fit for purpose. The rest is destined for landfill. At the charities expense. Dumped matresses inflicting the greatest financial cost.

Dig deeper: Reducing Illegal Dumping on Charitable Recyclers. Action plan 2019-2021 (pdf)

One response to “Things that piss me off #8.”

  1. Yep this also bothers me, who do they think is going to use their crappy stuff or are they just deliberately using charity bins as an alternative to driving to the dump. Love that quote by the way.


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