The great gingerbread decorating competition of 2019.

The competition was fierce at my niece and nephews place this year as their annual Christmas Eve gingerbread house decorating competition unfolded amidst much high spirited yelling and sugar-rush shenanigans.

As co-judge to the event the pressure was on. At risk, the possibility of a total icing, M&M and jelly bean food-fight apocalypse, should an incorrect decision be made.

Is he your very first gingerbread man?’
She nodded.
‘You eat him.’
‘Eat his head?’
‘I always start with the feet,’ Edie suggested.
‘But if I eat him, he’ll be dead.’
‘No, he’ll be in your tummy,’ Layla said. ‘There’s a difference.’
‘I think I’d better eat his head first,’ Susannah said … ‘That way he won’t know what’s happening to him.’
‘That’s a very kind thought,’ Layla approved.

Eloisa James, Once Upon a Tower (Fairy Tales, #5)
Kelly, Sophie & Zac display their creations.

Luckily cool gingerbread heads prevailed and the judges decision of a three way tie was accepted without (much) protest.


Peace and goodwill prevail.

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One response to “The great gingerbread decorating competition of 2019.”

  1. I have to agree with the decision. I would eat all three quite happily. Great work team! Merry Christmas 🙏🎅🏼


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