NYE 2019. Nothing happy about it.

New years eve 2019. The thin green ribbon of forests, grasslands and bush that skirt the edge of Australia and have been desiccated by drought over the last few years are now burning.

Communities have been devastated with an as yet unassessed number of homes/businesses destroyed and a grimly growing death toll. Large numbers of wildlife and livestock have been decimated. It is a National emergency.

So far (for it is far from over) 5 million hectares have been burnt nationwide in this bushfire season.

To put that into perspective for overseas readers, here is a map of the current bushfires if it were overlayed across Europe.

Tonight the mostly volunteer Rural Fire Service and its support networks will be working their exhausted butts off to continue to protect life and property, families will grieve personal loss and thousands of individuals trapped in now cut-off coastal communities, many forced to flee their homes, will endure a long dark night of the soul.

In just one example: within the small coastal town of Bermagui it is estimated 5,000 people are being sheltered at the local Surf Life Saving Club. Approximately 1,500 of these people are locals.

Meanwhile, in a somewhat bizarre & ironic twist, (and despite the protests of thousands) Sydney will welcome the new year in with one of the largest pyrotechnic displays to be seen in the world.

As the clock counts down to midnight and the skies are about to errupt into a thousand human crafted fires….at the traditional welcoming cry of “Happy New Year!” that signals the fireworks….there will no doubt be an uneasy dry moment of hesitation for many. For the reality is…it is a far from a happy start to 2020.

Perhaps the following Twitter video best captures the situation for those directly impacted by the fires (strong language warning):

4 responses to “NYE 2019. Nothing happy about it.”

  1. The map image is very powerful. The Sydney fireworks don’t seem right even though I know it will raise funds. It is very hard to see it as a happy new year at the moment.


  2. Nothing happy about 2019 full stop for me too.(on another level.. I gave up nursing after 37yrs..and now work in a running speciality store)The fires have been non stop for months. I feel helpless.. but spending so much on fireworks erks me so much..
    Bring on 2020 I say.. bring rain and happiness to all. I live in perth …my son in nsw. So I am naturally concerned.
    Fingers crossed some magic might happen xx

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  3. I’m with you Ian…not a Happy New Year….I personally think the Fireworks in Sydney should have been cancelled in respect for those that have lost their Homes and livelihoods from both Fire and Drought…

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    1. Lorraine, I feel the same as you but I’m told that money will be raised from the crowd to aid the people and towns affected. It still doesn’t sit well with me though 😥


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