A grim perspective.

The 2018 California fires burnt 2 million acres.

The 2019 Amazon fires 2.2 million; and the 2019 Siberian fires 6.7 million.

So far Australia’s 2019/20 fires have burnt 12 million acres.

Now, I am not one to often talk of politics in this space but during this time of crisis, we have seen a total leadership failure from our Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Including complete disconnect from the actual magnitude of the current situation, inability to demonstrate genuine compassion or to articulate a skilful response to the needs of the people, and ongoing climate emergency denial along party lines.

The following excellent analysis piece from Laura Tingle of ABC news takes a look at just how this has played out.

Photo credits: Alex Coppel on Facebook.

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One response to “A grim perspective.”

  1. Yes also thought the Laura Tingle piece was impressive, and everyone should read.


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