It’s raining in Australia!

It is raining here now. Not just a drizzle but a big wet ground soaking sustained dollop.
Hallelujah and yip my yah!
Been so long I had almost forgotten what it felt like. What is smelt like.

Rung in with a rolling clap of thunder that sent Juno scurrying under the coffee table to bury his head in his favourite stuffed toy. Then a big dump. Then some hail that punched a few new holes in the brittle laser-lite covering our pergola… and I didn’t even care. Then the dollop.

“Snap your finger
stop the world – 
rain falls harder” 

― Jack Kerouac

Not only here, the storms rolled in across most of the east coast of Australia today with the rural fire service reporting good falls across some of the firegrounds. Sure it is only a start. And there are still risks. A whole new suite of problems like flash flooding, landslides and ash runoff contaminating our water supplies. But, you know…..RAIN!

Ripley is still under wraps. But the rain might change all that.

Barefoot, I danced out the back door and sploshed around like a kid in the big puddle that formed on our pavers. The post thunderstorm smell was divine. I could practically hear the trees and grasses drinking it up. Even the birds seemed excitedly chirpy.

Halle-lu-ee-jah and yip my yah!

There are more rainfalls predicted over the next few days…I really hope there is enough to at least put a little something in our farmer’s dams. And give all those volunteer firefighters some respite. And rehydrate our flora and fauna. And flush the smoke out of our skies.

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