lil milk bar. Canberra.

We are expecting storms this afternoon. Rain. We had a small teaser last night. I can hardly remember what it feels like.

Decided to take Juno for a short morning walk so he could check his pee-mails and I would have an excuse to try out a local coffee shop that has recently opened.

Lil Milk Bar is a small cafe located at Mawson shops. It is not a super trendy high end cafe, but turns out to be one of those hidden gems that are so easy to miss in our suburban shopping centres.

The coffee was excellent. For me this means that it is strong, and hot (perhaps a little hotter than the coffee aficionados would recommend), with a rich thick creme and engaging flavours.

I didn’t eat, but the food on offer looks wholesome and affordable with plenty of vegetarian options. Catering for the Saturday morning lycra crew as well as the tradies looking for a hearty (ie bacon positive) breakfast. I will definitely be returning soon with Kelly to tackle their blueberry pancakes.

The service was terrific. Water on the table (and a bowl for Juno) as soon as I arrived. Staff were super friendly and enthusiastic and the whole vibe was of a small owner operated business that is really trying to focus on customer service and value for money.

Not 20 metres away from my table is a Guru coffee franchise. A little more busy. A whole lot more bland….. with people getting their fix of generic Guru banana toast and same-same Guru coffee. If only they knew.


  • Coffee: 4.5/5
  • Food: 4/5
  • Service 5/5
  • Vibe: 3/5


Rating: 4 out of 5.


  • 9B/22 Mawson Pl, Mawson ACT
  • Google Maps.
  • Open 7 days (closes 2 pm Sunday’s)

One response to “lil milk bar. Canberra.”

  1. I love the small business coffee shops too


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