Journal your trip with Day One.

Much has been written about the positive juju generated from journaling. Keeping a record of your trips away and jotting down experiences and impressions is a great way to capture the essence of those adventures for future reflection and reference.

It also comes in handy when trying to remember that cool spot you stayed at or neat restaurant you ate at, or when simply recommending highlights of your trip to friends. This is a far superior option than boring them with endless swipe left commentaries from your cluttered photostream. Oops, I didn’t mean for you to see that one!

Keeping an analogue Journal with actual pen and paper is cool as bro. But for sheer capture-it-all-in-the-moment usefulness when travelling I recommend using an app called Day One.


Day one lets you keep separate categories of journals (say one for personal and one for trips away) where you can record text, photos, drawings, video and audio easily and on the fly.

Day One syncs across your devices and includes end-to-end encryption as well as password/biometric protection to keep your journal safe from inquisitive eyes.

It automatically tags each post with a location, weather, current temp and other useful information (customisable). This is really useful when trying to remember exactly where that awesome beach picture was taken.

Best of all it has really powerful search options so you can unpack that distant recollection in an instant.

Un-Instagram your trip.

Since ditching Instagram I have found Day One to be really helpful in overcoming the urge to Instagramify everything I am doing. After spending some time building my own journals (I have a few) it becomes a much more personal and intimate (and authentic) documentation of my trips. The journey becomes less about maintaining a curated image to impress others and more about exploring the actual experiences for oneself.

Day one is one of my favourite apps and one of the few that I actually pay the extra subscription price to support.

DOWNLOAD for iPad, Mac and iPhone or Android.

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  1. Thanks this looks really cool and I had no idea it existed.

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