YouTube: Roadtrip Australia.

Roadtrip Australia is the YouTube channel of Justin and Bec Lorrimer. Since 2015 they have been travelling with their three children, 6-year-old Jack, 4-year-old Billy and 3-year-old daughter Charli.

They started with the intentions of doing a lap of Oz in their caravan and 4WD….and they haven’t looked back.

It’s a fantastic lifestyle and the caravanning adventures and experiences we have gained are far more valuable than money ever will be! Exploring our beautiful country has seen a huge change in our children. They thrive on the changing environments and we have watched their little personalities become strong, resilient and outgoing. Learning through nature and the life skills gained while on the road is a fantastic quality within our kids.

Roadtrip Australia

The videos they post are well produced with some gorgeous videography and oodles of down to earth information for those about to undertake similar adventures.

You can also follow Roadtrip Australia here:

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