Its been a couple of days now since we had the hail-pocalypse. A ten-minute storm cell that swept through Canberra just after lunchtime on Monday. Throwing down an angry blunderbuss of icy shot that shredded trees, smashed solar panels, killed hundreds of birds and bats and seriously smooshed-up cars. Lots of cars.

Photo credit: @tom_swann

In the thick of it, wind gusts of up to 116km/h were recorded at Canberra airport and people were posting pictures of 4-5cm hailstones pelting some suburbs.

With all traces of the ordinance long since melted, Kelly and I went for a walk today around one of the areas most heavily impacted by the storm.

The carparks around the National Gallery and National library were still littered with damagd cars that were unable to be driven away. Windscreens and sunroofs totally punched out or looking like frosted Swiss cheese. Many of the cars were left with bodywork resembling a lunar terrain. Interiors were soaked. Some side mirrors completely stripped away by the sheer force of the hail.

Tow trucks played tag team through the car parks as the vehicles were being removed one by one.

All around a large percentage of the tree foliage now lay shredded on the ground, and underfoot the softer ground itself was pocked with a carpet of mini craters some the size of golfballs.

Looking around we were just thankful that we were not caught out in the open here when this happened. It’s remarkable that no one was seriously injured.

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One response to “Hail-pocalypse!”

  1. Unfortunately a young woman was hit by a large hailstone while out running. She was found unconscious by the side of the road and a passerby called an ambulance. She is still unconscious with a large hole punctured in her skull. This was reported by the girls father to a good friend of ours.


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