Travel App: WikiCamps.

It is quite possibly the most utilised campsite app in Australia. And whilst not perfect, it is pretty darn good.

WikiCamps Australia (there are now also versions for New Zealand, Canada, USA and the UK) provides a crowdsourced database of caravan parks, campgrounds, dump stations and other points of interest for both paid and free campsites/van parks throughout Australia.

You can quickly locate a potential campsite nearby and check out what facilities and capabilities it has.

The app also lets you easily set filters. So for example, we have ours set to show dog-friendly sites that are of a suitable size (Ripley is 7 metres long) and have good access terrain for our campervan.

We can also quickly flip between maps that show free campsites, or overnight pull-ins and those that show paid sites and parks.

But what is really useful (with some caveats, see below) is the photos and comments left by other users. This gives up to date information on the condition of the campsite you are intending to stay at.

Although sometimes peoples comments seem to conflict (for example, one person may have had a perfect stay, whilst on the same night another person complains about everything from drunken partying to poor toilet conditions), you can usually get a pretty good idea of the lay of the land by reading down through the comments.

My other bugbear regards the photo section. People seem to love to post pictures of beach sunsets and possums and the size of the fish they caught and family gatherings around the fire. Whilst this may be a positive expression of their experience, what I really want to see in the photo section is pictures demonstrating:

  1. the condition/size/crowding of individual sites.
  2. Driving access to site and condition of the ground.
  3. State of toilet/shower & cooking facilities.
  4. Presence of trees around the sites that might drop limbs (something we have had a few bad experiences with).

User-generated content aside, the app is generally well designed and easy to navigate.

The app also has the capability of working offline by letting you download content for the area you are planning on travelling through.

Finally, once you have picked your perfect spot for the night the app easily links the location to google/apple maps to direct you there.

We have found some absolute gem overnight stays using this app, and probably avoided the occasional nightmare scenario.

In summary, if you do a fair bit of travelling in a caravan, RV or tent set-up, you should probably have this app.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Download WikiCamps:

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