Remember the Nullarbor.

One of the RV magazines we follow is running a competition for best photo of a campervan/motorhome out on the road. As Kelly was looking back through our own trip pictures searching for something that might be worthy, we reflected back on how special the Nulllarbor crossing was for us last year.

And we nearly didn’t do it.

As we approached the point of no return we battled increasing self-doubt. Ten good reasons at least for not making the crossing. All written across our minds with the caps lock on.

  • It will be too hot.
  • Ripley will break down in the middle of nowhere.
  • It will be too boring.
  • We will run out of water.
  • We will be hit by a juggernaut road train (long semi-trailer).
  • We will be abducted by psychopaths/aliens/kangaroos.

….and so on.

Even as we constructed due diligence in justification of an abort, there remained an underlying truth hooked into our guts like a snap-strap: who knows if we would ever get this opportunity again?

Someone wise once told me that when we experience FEAR most of the time it simply represents False Expectations Appearing Real.

We decided to push on.

In the desert, sunsets, silence and stars will soon put you in your place.

Committing to the crossing brought instant release and sustained reward. Every worry and concern that had seemed so problematic melted into the vast, crisp spirit-level of the limestone plain. Every problem that did arise was an adventure.

In the desert, sunsets, silence and stars will soon put you in your place.

Looking back, it would have been so sad if we had listened to our FEAR and turned back. The entire trip was fantastic in real-time (even the bits that went not so well) and has set magical in memory.

Vast skies in the Australian desert
waves that don’t move
we slide surf glide like condors” 

Martin Stepek

One response to “Remember the Nullarbor.”

  1. We didn’t have such a romantic trip in 2015, 4 days of roaring headwinds ensured we stopped at a free camp and just bunkered down until they eased. But the night sky was magnificent, the road interesting, and the trip well worth it. Plus it was a means to get from West to East! We had a caravan then but now are in an Autotrail Imala. Time almost to try the trip again I reckon.


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