Laundry on the road. Literally.

New Zealand seems to be way ahead of Australia with respect to providing services and facilities for travellers (and locals) on the road.

Take my dirty underpants for example. Please.

We came across this 24 hr mobile laundry (pic above) on our last trip at the small NZ town of Lumsden.

Usually, when travelling in a campervan, a full load of dirty laundry necessitates an overnight stop in a van park to use their facilities…or an oftentimes-convoluted town excursion to find a laundromat. Like here.

Laundry or Naked provides one solution with these neat pop up laundromat sites. Situated right beside the road with easy parking access and close proximity to coffee shops (a necessity whilst waiting for your load to finish), I thought this was a great idea.

Two small improvements I would suggest:

  1. it would be great if there was some sort of secure access to a washing line as well so you could hang your undies safely out to dry on a fine day whilst you grab some lunch.
  2. a counter/table space for sorting and folding.

Otherwise, an innovative solution to address a niche need that would be great to see here in Oz. Especially in more remote areas.

There are currently three Laundry or Naked sites in NZ but I believe the company is planning to open more soon.

Laundry or Naked: Hanmer Springs.


Laundry or Naked: Facebook page.

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2 responses to “Laundry on the road. Literally.”

  1. Great idea. We discovered similar sites when travelling in Ireland a couple of years ago.


  2. Superb idea


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