Ripley awakes.

Due largely to our summers unprecedented bushfires and prolonged heatwaves, Ripley has been undercover and in deep hibernation for nearly 4 months now.

We had originally planned a couple of trips away in the new year, but all our usual go-to locations were on fire. In fact, all our non usual go-to locations were on fire as well. It has been a dreadful situation.
A summer of fire, smoke and hailstorms.

But things seem a little less critical for now (I am not looking forward to next summer one bit), and so we are planning a long overdue 2-week trip away to visit some of the fire-affected areas in Victoria. Perhaps as far as the Great Ocean Road.

Yesterday, I took Ripley’s cover off and awoke her from hibernation mode. On first blush, she seems no worse for wear after the recent storms. Inside she needs a bit of a spruce up and re-organisation. Surprisingly her leisure batteries were still fully charged.

Out of hibernation, but in need of a little tidying up.

Underneath it is like Indiana Jones worst nightmare with a complete ecosystem of nasty, creepy crawly critters ensconsed in the nooks and crannies.

Im going to have to crawl under there to sort it all out.

Meanwhile, underneath a whole ecosystem of spiders has made Ripley home.

Pro tip.

How NOT to remove a motorhome/campervan cover.

Taking Ripley’s cover off was not all that difficult. Once all the tie-downs are unclipped I use a broom to lift the front of the cover up and over the driver’s cabin.

Then, working side to side, I begin gently pulling the cover back down the length of her body. The broom comes in handy for making sure the cover does not snag on the solar panel, TV aerial, air conditioner etc.

Once the cover is about 2/3 of the way back I can simply stand at the rear and pull the cover back towards me.
Well, that was simple.

At which point a large pool of stagnant, putrid, algae green water that had accumulated in a cavity-fold of the roof cover spills all over me. Just like the ice bucket challenge only with green slime and sodden leaf mulch instead of ice.


Pro tip: before removing your vehicle cover, check the roof for surprises.

Ripley’s dirty cover spread out to clean & dry. Ditto me.

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