Simple iPad wall mount for your campervan.

At the end of full travel day Kelly, Juno and I quite enjoy settling down for a little bedtime Netflix. You know….in bed.

We could simply play a movie through Ripley’s TV but it is situated way up front, a little too far away to watch comfortably from the boudoir.

Until now we have been balancing my iPad between us (or even leaning it up against Juno), but this has proved sub-optimal. Especially as I inevitably fall asleep 1/3 of the way in to the plot. The iPad then flops over much to Kelly’s annoyance. Worse, I roll over sending it flying.

Initially, we explored using some neat iPad mounts and even TV mounts as a solution. But they are expensive.

Instead for $6 AUD, we purchased some adhesive hooks and mounted 3 of them as in the picture below. I know these white hooks are pretty ugly. But it’s more a proof of concept. Clear ones would be better.

It’s then a simple task of sliding my iPad into the ’cradle’ before punching up a mushy thriller for Kelly or a cool documentary for me (we alternate).

This works well for us. It’s much more stable, and the screen sits at a comfortable viewing height.

Now, if I could just stay awake long enough to see who the killer was.

One response to “Simple iPad wall mount for your campervan.”

  1. I usually fall asleep before the murderer is revealed too.. so I tell my partner who I think ‘did it’ before I nod off and tells me in the morning if I was correct


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