A day of quietude.

Up early. Today will be a full day of meditation with my local zen group.

Known as zazenkai which literally means ”to come together for meditation”.

A day of quietude. Shared solitude.

Seeking a little internal silence is almost a reflexive immune response to the overwhelming feeds from COVID-19 that have been poured over our collective psyche this last wee while.

The problem is its just really hard to put it all down. A threat of vague and as yet unknown personal significance. Yet it activates the fight, flee, freeze, fuck parts of our brains and grabs us like existential velcro.

Beware the creep of your own hypervigilant angst right now that can leave you drained and on edge (not to mention a little immunosuppressed).

Instead, pick a few trusted sources to follow (but not chase) and turn down the noise on the rest. Way down.

You have taken precautions, you are prepared, now pay attention to the stuff that dances in the spaces between.

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