COVID-19. Social distancing in our campervan.

Social distancing or physical distancing as it should be called (because what we all really need is a little social closeness right now) is not easy within the structural confines of our campervan.

Here are a few examples of things Kelly and I have been experimenting with:

The kitchen.

As you can see in the top photo, our long claw thingy has suddenly come in very useful for passing cups of tea, checking each other for ticks after long romantic beach walks, serving tacos, and also allowing me to drive from waaay in the back whilst Kelly navigates in the passenger seat. You don’t even want to know what we use our selfie- stick for.

The bedroom.

In an attempt to maintain nocturnal social distancing and to ensure my body parts don’t accidentally come into contact with her body parts, Kelly has built the great COVID pillow wall.

A remarkable example of forward planning by Kelly really as she has been experimenting with various pillow wall prototypes for ages now.

The great COVID pillow wall.

The Bathroom.

We have a quadruple layered hand sanitizer system. Consisting of a second hand gel to use in case I touch the hand wash that Kelly last pressed, a third hand sanitizer in case Kelly has just used the hand gel because I had just touched the hand sanitizer before her….and so forth.

Um…We think we might need to add some extra layers to the system.

Our current supply of hand hygiene products.

The living room.

To minimize the risk of cross-infection only I am permitted to use the TV remote control.

A remarkable example of forward planning on my part really. I have been attempting to implement totalitarian control of the remote for ages now.

A little light entertainment.

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2 responses to “COVID-19. Social distancing in our campervan.”

  1. We’ve gone one further, we have single beds! Beat that for social distancing… but we’ve found sitting at opposite ends of the table while outside is acceptable too. Great examples we all are!


  2. Excellent. You two are a shining example. Is Juno the go-between or did he have to choose sides? 😱


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