Recommended viewing: Giri Haji

Looking for a little Netflix entertainment to help briefly escape reality and turn your thoughts away from the real drama unfolding around us?

This trip we have been watching the series Giri Haji. I highly recommend it.

It’s a BBC drama that switches between events in Japan and the UK as:

A Tokyo detective, travels to London in search of his brother Yuto, who was previously assumed to have been dead. Yuto has been accused of murdering the nephew of a Yakuza member which, as a result, threatens to start a gang war back in Tokyo.


Some really creative production design combined with engaging characters and a solid story have us both hooked. You know, those rare TV dramas that actually have you hurrying through dinner just so you can settle down with tea and cake and fall into it all.

We only have 2 episodes to go dammit ….then we will be looking for something else to watch. Any suggestions?

Ian Miller

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