I made some art.

I was visiting our local art supply shop looking for a pen. They had a set of four tubes of acrylic paint on sale, and I thought what the heck. I’m going to make some art.

I’m no artist. This is evident. And I don’t have any kit. So I used a big old house paintbrush and a chopstick.


Looking back
To warn her of the bees
I trod
On a bee

On a table, outside, under the Chinese maple we planted 10 years ago, and critiqued by two Eastern Rosellas, I pushed the paint around the canvas.

No idea. But I really enjoyed the process. The smell of the paint. The feel of the spread. The movement. The experience of creativity. It’s not great art. But it’s my art.

I call it ’Bee’. I think I will make some more.

Ian Miller

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