Swabby McSwabnurse.

Another day of swabbing at one of the COVID testing centres in Canberra.

A few months back when it looked as if COVID could perhaps have a catastrophic impact in Australia, I really wanted to do something to contribute to the response.

After 2 years retirement my Emergency Department clinical brain had gone a little mushy around the edges, so I really didn’t feel up to going back there. Working in the COVID clinic turned out to be a perfect alternate option.

I also reanimated a Facebook group I used to run to offer support and information to my nursing amigos.

Clinic work is straightforward and repetitive and presents a perfect environment to practice a little zazen amongst its activities.

  • Set up the swabbing equipment. Some gloves, the flocked swab, a small tube of culture medium, a tissue, an information package and a clean mask to wear home.
  • Welcome the next person. Explain the procedure. Explain the need for isolating post swab.
  • Perform the swab.
  • Clean up and disinfect the area.
  • Set up a new spread of equipment.
  • Repeat.

Between shifts at the clinic & working on the Facebook group, nurse related activities have kept me busy. It is good to be back amongst it.

I’m coming to the end of my 3-month contract soon and as things (thankfully) have not panned out as quite as bleakly as they might have, I will re-retire from it all.

Thereafter, I plan to again be writing in this space with a little more regularity.

Two very different sites.

Latest post from my other site: deathpoints.com

5 responses to “Swabby McSwabnurse.”

  1. Hmm
    Reanimated a Facebook group.
    13,000 strong we regathered and you were the absolute nexus. You gave us a safe & respectful space to process, learn, share and laugh through the alternate reality that is this pandemic. Then added your self-deprecating reports from the testing clinic just to keep it real. You gave of yourself, Im sure at some emotional cost, and it was so appreciated. Thank you. Hit that snooze button for a week, write when you need to or want to, and enjoy retirement 2.0

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Have loved reading your Nurse Path posts again for my daily fix of amusement, knowledge and thought provoking scenarios. I hope you know the support you gave us all through your page.
    I will now enjoy your musings on life, travel and adventure here

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Have missed your pearls of wisdom. Looking forward to reading your blog once again . Well done you, swabbing for 3 months outstanding effort in the cold ???


  4. Always a pleasure reading anything you write. Looking forward to whatever inspires you.


  5. Welcome back Ian…can’t wait to read your next Instalment….

    Liked by 1 person

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