Welcome nurses.

Just a quick note to welcome those nurses and other medical professionals who have followed me across from my Facebook group (now closed) theNursePath.

This space is not specifically medically themed. It is instead, an eclectic repository of writings, photography and poetry on travel. Both external and internal.
So there may after all be medicine of sorts to be found.

Writing has always been a combination creative outlet, therapy and orifice of introspection for me. So I take your continued indulgence in following along a great complement. I am grateful for your support.

No longer active on any social media platforms, growing a readership is challenging…..so if you are enjoying what you read here I would super appreciate it if your recommendations to colleagues and non-medical amigos.

Sharing the occasional post is the best compliment you can give…and as one who has decided to live without Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, the irony of this request is not lost on me.

Anyhow, all hypocrisy placed conveniently aside….let us onwards.

3 responses to “Welcome nurses.”

  1. I look forward to following your eclectic blog, Ian.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Always enjoy your stories Ian and look forward to reading them ….


    1. Thanks Loraine. I appreciate your following along for some time now!


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