It would be easy to suppose that yet another long day in the COVID clinic stuck in the cramped confines of the dirty zone & wearing full PPE might take a toll on you mentally.

Luckily I have Garry here to keep me sane.

Garry tells me he is Wilson’s older and slightly less famous brother. Whilst Wilson pursued a career in sports, and much later successfully secured an acting gig or two, Garry simply wanted to to give a helping hand in the medical profession.

And even though he drives me a little nuts by consistently failing to wear his mask over his nose, and even though he does have a slightly over-inflated opinion of himself, Garry is never the less an excellent conversationalist, and reliable assistant.

What’s that? Oh….Garry wants me to tell you he is available for personal training, motivational seminars and corporate public speaking engagements at very reasonable rates.

2 responses to “Garry.”

  1. some day would like to meet Gar


  2. Love Him…he looks friendly enough…..maybe he needs a Nose Job ?….


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