Distractions of YOUR own choosing.

I remember back before Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. Back when many people maintained their own website or blog. And if you wanted to follow them or keep up to date with what they were up to you simply visited their site.

Also, people used to keep Blogrolls on their sites. Lists of other peoples websites and blogs that they followed. And chances were if you followed the interests of one person, you would find something of interest in their blogroll.

So it was that serendipitous, ad hoc and oftentimes circuitous connections were made across the world wide web to totally new areas of interest. Rabbit holes, dead end streets, and quicksand bogs all abounding with distractions and diamonds.

There where no invisible algorithms or hidden corporate agendas manipulating where you went or what, or who, you found when you got there.

You would comment on other peoples posts, and comment on others comments. Adding sites to your own blogroll and sometimes even posting a response to another’s post. Back and forth. Outwards and inwards.

And that is how the web was built.

In the spirit of the Blogroll, here is an eclectic list of some of the places I frequent. Don’t hesitate to add your own favourite sites in the comments.



Oh, and the best way by far to keep track of all the sites you are following is to use a free app like Feedly (Feedly.com) which allows you to filter and sort all your feeds into a single magazine of information.

Better still, build your own website. It can be free & it’s easy peasy to get one up and running. Think of it as an online shared journal. I have a feeling you might just enjoy designing and growing your very own website a great deal more than passively scrolling the social media dopamine drips.

Be it a Feedly collection of your favourite reads, or your own personal website….if you are anything like me…it will soon evolve into a hot steaming mess of stuff.
But it will be YOUR steaming mess. Which makes a whole world of difference.

3 responses to “Distractions of YOUR own choosing.”

  1. Thank you Ian, definitely look at this.


  2. Allison roberts Avatar
    Allison roberts



  3. I remember this, especially back in the days of LiveJournal. Will be checking out Feedly. Thank you for posting this ♡


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