Here’s a better way to share your location.

Need to share your current location with friends?
These days this is not too difficult, simply cut and paste the Google Maps link, then send it to them via your smart phone.

But what if you want to tell them?
Or what if you want to write it down for later reference?
That Google link is pretty complicated.

What3words is a company that has divided up the entire world into 3 metre squares and then identified every single one of them with a combination of 3 simple words.

Compared to current street addressing systems, 3 word addresses are far more accurate, as they refer to a specific 3m x 3m area.
As the entire what3words grid is fixed, the 3 word address for a particular location will never change even if buildings or streets are redeveloped.
3 word addresses are unique, unlike street names which are often duplicated, and they are easier to communicate and share with others.

So for example, I might like to meet up with you all for a sunset picnic dinner right here: avert.huddled.joyful

Simply enter the 3 words into the app or the webpage and bingo, you have our meetup location to within 3 metres. Please bring some dessert.

Pretty cool huh? I can think of a bunch of uses for this unique way of flagging locations …and I think I might start using them in my posts when travelling.
I also believe some emergency services are adopting what3words as an option for people to use when pinpointing locations during emergency calls.

The only caveat is that you do have to be really careful with those three words. Accidentally write down “averts” instead of “avert” and you will find yourself waiting for me with your picnic basket in the middle of a large field in rural Kansas.

Download the free app here.

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One response to “Here’s a better way to share your location.”

  1. Oooh thanks for this. I don’t always see eye to eye with Google maps. I have a terrible sense of direction (thanks Mum) and a partner who tells me to “head north” (eyeroll). This app may be a lifesaver.


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