Video: Kissa by Kissa

Fair warning, this post points to an eclectic video that many might find immediately yawn-worthy. I on the other hand found it super interesting and quite relaxing to watch. So….

Craig Mod is a long-distance hiker, widely published writer and photographer based in Japan.

Recently, he walked the 1,000 km ancient Nakasendo trail (you can read of his adventures here) where he soon developed a love affair with the Kissaten, or tea-drinking-shops that were sprinkled through many of the urban areas he traversed.

On his return he designed and self-published a limited edition bespoke photo-essay book, Kissa by Kissa documenting…..well, documenting pizza toast.

Pizza toast is what you’re imagining: the concept of using toast to make something like pizza. A fat slab of white bread, some tomato sauce, cheese, maybe some onions and green peppers. After that it’s up to the chef. It is a hug produced in a toaster oven.

Craig Mod

This video (originally a live stream) is an engaging deep dive into the intricacies and craftmanship required in writing and producing high-quality books. Craig speaks with great passion on specialised topics such as binding, margins, aesthetics typography and book design as he walks us through his process of making Kissa by Kissa.

I’m hoping that if you are a lover of books you might find it as engaging as I did.

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