Coffee and Trump.

Location: lion.boil.making (what the heck is this?)

I had planned to take the cover off Ripley today and do a little internal cleaning to get her all spruced for the trip.

However, it rained lions and hyenas all morning, so we activated plan B instead.

This involved picking up some electrical components so I can install a new 12-volt fan in Ripley.

Having roughly the same electrical DIY capabilities as a cinnamon scroll, this could be interesting. Either we will have a nice cool breeze blowing gently across us as we lay in bed watching Netflix at night….or the first time I flip the on switch we will be sucked into….

NARRATOR (deep voice): the macerating blades of 12-volt death.

Anyway, all this talk of cinnamon scrolls made me hungry. So on the way home we stopped in to a local coffee shop for brunch and an inevitable convoluted but spicy discussion about the US election.

Don’t get me started, Kelly warned.

I started her anyway.

One response to “Coffee and Trump.”

  1. You didn’t need to break her finger!


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