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Trip into town this morning. I needed to pick up a resupply of coffee beans for my new French Press. Kelly needed to…well, shopping therapy.

Whilst Kelly dove deep into the retail therapeutics, Juno & I found a comfortable, shady bench in a nearby park to wait.

We sat together beneath a stand of pine trees, amongst graffiti-tagged flower boxes and upcycled art installations doing nothing more than checking out all the people passing by and trying to speculate where they might be going:

Stovepipe dude 
way-too-tight jeans
and long pointy shoes
late for work presentations
it seems,

red dress
phone face
wrist scrunch
quick insta update
before a long gossip brunch,

blue mat slung over shoulder
one in the stroller and one in the holder
off to yoga class
on the grass,

laptop drover
next bench over
cord pants
badge rants
starting at me
philosophy student
perhaps PhD,

hard hat
Kiwi Tatt
Thermos boots
nail gun stare
to climb way to the top of that crane over there.

Once Kelly returned with her chakras re-balanced, we scuttled home to stock Ripley with goodies for the impending trip. Perhaps an evening wash and wax.

Planned departure, Thursday. Or Friday. Depending.


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One response to “Benched.”

  1. Love it Ian…..Juno is so cute….can’t wait for our Trip…..


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