The inevitable packing crisis.

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No matter how much we try to avoid it, there always seems to be a last minute crazy packing crisis (LMCPC) before we leave on long trips.

This totally makes no sense. As there is only so much you can fit in the cupboards and closets serving our 7 by 3 metre home away from home. Volume and weight constraints force a minimalist aesthetic that we inevitably struggle with across the final hours of departure.

Fact is, even if we were to spend 3 months meticulously preparing for a specific departure date at lets say 0900, we know without question that on that day there will be an LMCPC around 0815.

Kelly: “Ian, its November….I really think it unlikely you will need those snowshoes for cripes sake.

Ian: “OK good point” Thinks: Of course I might need them! And anyway…what about those circa 1980 silver sequin platform disco shoes of yours then?

Once we are away everything changes. It always transpires that what we do take is way more than we actually end up using.
Every trip Ripley teaches us that the prerequisites for enjoying a full and rewarding life involves little more than access to clean underwear each day.

All rest is in our hands and hearts rather than in our cupboards.

Ripley packing guide:


  • Make a list. 7 days underwear is essential.
  • Cross 50% of the items off the rest of the list.
  • Once you have packed everything remove 10%.
  • Be ruthless pruning your pile of stuff. But never touch your partners pile of stuff (um…especially shoes).

Everything else:

  • Stock sauces, spices and other basic ingredients. Support local towns by purchasing quality food perishables along the way.
  • Don’t skimp on a basic first aid kit.
  • Bug spray. Sunblock. Water bottle. Check.
  • Chocolate is exempt from all laws of minimalism.
  • Don’t forget the toothpaste.

Help us out.
What are the most essential items that you pack when travelling?

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One response to “The inevitable packing crisis.”

  1. This is my small list for trips to Canberra:
    Water bottle
    Keep cup


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