The great butterfly massacre of Gooloogong.

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B-roads make for a more positive travelling adventure. C-roads even better ( although the robustness of Ripley can be a little precious on some C-roads, so we always take them with a preemptive grain of caution).

It was the perfect weather for driving. Sunny but cool. We loloped our way to Boorowa for coffee. We dodged a procession of dark anvil thunderstorm cells to Cowra for lunch.

And then we ambled the scenic B-roads to Gooloogong, midway between Cowra and Forbes on the Lachlan Valley Way. Lovely. It is just so green out here right now.

Main street Boorowa.
Wool shed Boorowa.

On the road between Cowra and Gooloogong we cut our way through a sea-ice of white butterflies. Thousands of them crossing the fields of Canola and Pattisons curse. It was a slow fluttering carnage that we shall be extracting from Ripley’s nooks and crannies for a good while to come.

Church being converted to private residence. Gooloogong.
The 3 amigos. Ripley, Kelly & Juno.

Tonight we will be staying at the neat and tidy Gooloogong recreational park. Toilets, and quiet, powered sites all for a small donation.

I can hear Kelly inside the van tinkering away preparing a veggo salad. I really should offer to help out, but….beer inertia.

3 responses to “The great butterfly massacre of Gooloogong.”

  1. I remember enjoying a friend’s wedding in the old (ruin at the time) church at Gooloogong. Good to see it has another life.


  2. Beautiful…..oh the serenity eh…..we had a Storm in QLD this arvo….hope you don’t run into it….travel safe….


  3. Love following you . Have never answered before but realized it’s a bit rude !!! I am a nurse of 50 years and retiring at the end of the month . Safe travels Jane Melbourne


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