Steeping in place.

This is my view right now.

It’s 7 am and I have just made tea for Kelly and I. We are laying on our bed with Juno curled up snugly asleep between us.

We are parked next to a river sipping tea, listening to the birds. The peep peep bird, the twip twill bird, the sqwark sqwark bird, an occasional far away rooster.

Oh, and the snoring dude in the camper trailer parked somewhere behind us.

Discussing the days plans without hurry.

2 responses to “Steeping in place.”

  1. Perfect Ian.

    Enjoy whatever you plan 🙂


  2. Sounds like Bliss to me….am sitting here listening to the Twittering of Birds, the hum of the Washing Machine and Dryer all while I sip my coffee before going to work…….argh…Monday !!!!…..Swapsie ?????


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