Waterfall Way.

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Out timing was perfect. Yesterday would have been beastly hot. Today was all sweet cloudy coolness and sparce traffic as we traversed the famous Waterfall Way.
Considered by many to be the 3rd most beautiful road trip in Australia.

After an initial wrestle with Google Maps who wanted (ever so seductively) to take us down 9 kilometres of rough, unsealed, rutted road to a place that was definitely not Waterfall Way, we left Armidale behind and began the wiggly descent to the coast.

Lush forrests, Kermit green pasturelands and engaging topography. Kelly and I constantly fought to get each other to look out at some vista or item of interest.
Ian! (pointing straight across my face, how rude) look over there at those rolling hills!
No, Kelly (counter cross pointing with a left hook) look over here at this valley!

I have no idea who was actully doing the driving.

We pulled in at Ebor falls (no dogs allowed…luckily it was cool enough to leave Juno on board Ripley). Quite a few of the walks to the lower falls etc were still closed following damage from last years bushfires.

Parking area Ebor falls.
Ebor falls.

Initially we were planning to stay at Ebor but the free campsite was small and sardine-packed with caravans, loud men and loud chainsaws. So we took our duelling pointing-fingers up the road a ways to a hilltop lookout where we stopped for lunch.

After lunch, it was a handful more of pleasing green miles down into Dorrigo (pop. 1,042) where we are spending the night at the local showground.
After walking the short distance into town to pay our site fee,we saw a sign for Dangar falls and on a whim decided to walk on the 2km to check it out.

Dangar falls, which I continuously miss-pronounced Danger falls, is a relatively small plunge fall in the Bielsdown river. Sealed walking track and wooden walkways with lookout points….nothing dangerous about it at all. At the bottom of the falls is a large pool and you can swim right out to the money shot for that perfect Instagram update should you need to.

I opted for the less like-worthy but much drier man with cute dog aesthetic that you see at the top of this post.

Heritage Hotel Dorrigo built in 1925.

By the time we had walked back to town and then back to Ripley we were all slightly shagged.
Tea and coffee for the humans. Kangaroo chewy thing for the dog. Total time from door to nap for Kelly and Juno = 9 minutes 11 seconds.

Juno post-walk nap. Eyes open, no one home.

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3 responses to “Waterfall Way.”

  1. Ian make sure you stop at the IGA at Bellingen it has a great Deli and cheese section


  2. After you have driven DOWN from Dorrigo (great bicycle ride for overtaking trucks) my aunt & uncle live on a magnificent hill (right side of road) between Gordonville & Boggy Creek Road. One of my favorite places

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a Wonderful Trip we are having….lunch looked nice…..lovely Pic of the Falls……and the Boys of course…….


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