Kiama area.

Stopping in Kiama for a couple of nights. After a horrendous first day of high-thirties heat and blow-torch winds things finally settled down and Kelly got to catch up with her BFF, Sharon.

Today Sharon took us out to see the nearby Bombo Quarry , a spectacular geological cubist construct of Kiama sandstone and porphyritic basalt. We walked amongst giant forms of tumbled blocks and 5-metre spires that had a feel of some sort of ancient alien amphitheatre now partially collapsed into the churning sea.

Location: ///reservation.regimes.necessarily

After that it was lunch at a local cafe and a nosey walk around looking at some potential real estate acquisitions.

And when I say potential, I mean if we potentially won the lottery.

One response to “Kiama area.”

  1. Wow….who knew that existed….amazing……


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