Next trip: Wodonga


Heading out just a few hours down the road next week.
Ripley needs to get her radio replaced after the touchscreen developed a web of annoying cracks.

The new radio arrived months ago, but as the NSW / Victorian boarder has been closed due to COVID I have been unable get it installed until now.
May as well throw a general service in whist I am at it.

Kelly is working, so this will be a solo trip. Weather is forecast is for plenty of hot… but even so I might stretch a couple of days out of it. We will see.

Technical aside: the picture at the top of this post is of Ripley up on a set of Anderson Levelling Blocks. You will see many caravans and motorhomes chocked up like this when parked on uneven ground. Oftentimes people use a step type ramp or simply blocks of wood.
These Anderson blocks are less common in Australia and drew quite a bit of attention last time we used them.
So far we have found them super easy to use. You just drive up the curved block until the desired height is reached and then you insert the smaller chocks to lock it in place.

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2 responses to “Next trip: Wodonga”

  1. They’re brilliant, where did you get them from?


    1. Kelly ordered them online after seeing them used in the US. I’ll ask her to post a link.


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