Hygge on 4 wheels.

I believe the technical term is habitation module.

A fibreglass box bolted onto Ripley’s chassis that holds all the necessities and a few of the relative luxuries of motorhome travel.

Kelly & I were talking about the plasticity of lived space. How when Ripley is parked at home, and we go inside to say clean out the pantry, she seems small and pokey. We squish around getting in each other’s way as we go about our cleaning. Then we go back into the familiar dimensions of our proper home. 

Hygge is pronounced hue-guh. It can be used as a noun, adjective, or a verb. The word comes from a Norwegian word meaning “well being” and it’s a centuries old Scandinavian / Danish concept that is used to describe a moment or feeling that is cozy, special, or charming. It brings to mind pleasant, engaging, mellow, good-humored, safe, and snug environments. It’s comfort and pleasure combined. It’s that inviting glow of The Shire from The Hobbit. The smell of candy and coffee on a warm summer night at Disneyland outside the Penny Arcade. It’s The Great Hall with all the floating candles in Harry Potter. It could also be sipping on a glass of wine with a friend, or taking a relaxing bubble bath. There is no one thing that equates to the idea; instead, it’s all of them combined. It’s a general state of mind towards how you embrace life. After all, who doesn’t want happy? 

Caroline Guntur (https://www.theswedishgenealogist.com/)

Yet when we are travelling, sometimes away for weeks on end, Ripley’s insides somehow balloon out to be perfectly comfortable. In fact, she often feels spacious.

So on a cold night parked up in some sweet secluded spot, all wrapped up in the doona, sipping coffee, listening to rain drum on the roof. Discussing events of the day.

Or splayed out on the couch, nodding off into a good book as the long awaited reprieve of late afternoon sea breeze blows through.

Or simply parked beside the road boiling the kettle and assembling cheese and lettuce sandwiches for lunch.

Snug. Cozy. Ample. Complete life support. Everything we need within a few short steps.

A few steps more, should we choose, and we can be on our way to somewhere new.

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  1. I love reading about your adventures in Ripley. My goal is to purchase something similar and start my own adventure.

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