Moving forward.

Well 2020 is almost in the bag (probably destined for landfill).
I will post here on my reflections back across this year just as soon as I can muster enough intestinal fortitude to revisit all that stuff.

Meanwhile, I was wondering if I could bother you for some advice on moving forward with this blog in 2021.

Its funny, but when I sit down to write I pretty much feel I am composing letters to myself (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing writing wise and is probo a very good thing catharsis wise).
I appreciate that I have a few regular commenters (thank you x 1000!) but in these days of bots and marketing followback strategies its hard to know from my analytics just how many real people come back to read this stuff.

With billions of posts and memes and influencers and sell-you-stuff hooks flooding the web every day I oftentimes feel I don’t really have much of value to add to the clutter. Moreover, not being active on social media makes it exceedingly difficult grow my readership anyway.
This is frustrating (and after all I choose not to be on Facebook) not because I envisage I can make any money from this blog, but because I like to write. Having people actually come back for more is:

  1. some indication that I might be OK at it.
  2. a dopamine laced encouragement to try to get better at it.

So, basically its an ego thing.
Even so it would be helpful to know what sort of stuff you would like to read about here. And how often.

15 responses to “Moving forward.”

  1. Stephanie Magill Avatar
    Stephanie Magill

    Hi Ian, love most of what you write, you have a wonderful way with words. The adventures in Ridley with Kelly and Juno are so entertaining, long may they continue.
    Really miss TheNursePath, as I am sure many others do, but can understand it must have been too time consuming and stressful once you retired. Resurrecting it during the earlier days of Covid was amazing, thank you.


  2. Hi Ian – I enjoy your blog. Love that you love writing and do it. I love writing and don’t. You also make me laugh xo


  3. Appreciate your blog. It’s like finding an oasis, refreshing to the soul and makes you think of the real things in life that matter, not the sound bites and quick fixes. Thank you Ian, and keep writing whatever you fancy.


  4. Love all your writing, reflections, travel news. The only blog I read.
    Not very good at technology, so haven’t been able to comment or like stuff. ‘iPhone says no’ when I try. Hoping this will work and appear.
    Please write or post whenever you feel like it, it’s always enjoyed and appreciated.


  5. I love that you keep it real. My husband often says you are “ one of his people “. Thanks.


  6. Keep them coming Ian, have followed you for years. Really missed your posts this last year, so glad you have resurfaced again. 🙂 xx

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  7. Absolutely look for your email everyday. Really enjoy reading whatever your topic. Certainly is preferable to the fake news prolific on social media.
    Enjoy a wonderful Christmas and here’s to a better 2021.
    Keep blogging Ian. 😀


  8. Hi Ian I enjoy your blog, no matter what it is about because you are/it is refreshingly “real”. I love your musings, travel blog and photos. Thank you 😊


  9. Write what ever you like i read it everytime. No matter what it is about. Love the photo shots of travel and Juno and Kelly. Very relaxing after a busy day at work wishing i had retired too. Keep it up its great.

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  10. Hi Ian, I enjoy your blog. I would do the “like” thing more except that I can’t interact with other blogs via my phone. Not enough memory. I need my computer for that. I enjoy eclectic blogs. I quite like your journal format. The only problem is that I am very jealous of Ripley.
    I’m not on social media either. Well I am, but none of my SM friends read my blog! If you would like to attract more readers, you may want to try joining in with some of the various challenges hosted by various bloggers. They are a nice way of building community. Cee Neuer ( has a list of challenges.

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  11. Ian I love reading what you write…..especially a little look in to how you are coping with Retirement and of course Kelly and Juno….I would love it if you had Interviews with your Old Workmates that have also retired….just cause I miss Canberra and the Old Crew….

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  12. At the bottom of the blog, it says “join 808 other followers”, which says to me that there’s a goodly number of people who enjoy whatever you write whenever you write it. So my “two bobs worth” would be if something inspires you to write, then write, whenever the urge takes you there, whether that’s daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. The thing I like most about your posts are that they’re “real”…lt’s what you’re doing or feeling at that given time. If you try and schedule to topics or timeframes, you could lose the thing that makes people want to come along for the ride, and lose the joy you get in doing it. I’d far rather read a post from you where I know you’re not trying to sell products to me……you’re an “influencer” in the best way possible. To cut a long story short….if you write it, I’ll read it. PS…….I do love the travel bits, as that’s where I am in my life as well, minus a gorgeous Ripley. Working when I want, only doing work that makes me happy, and getting ready to head off on whatever adventure feels within comfort level.

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to write that Marcia. Appreciate it.


  13. Write about whatever you feel like at the time, whenever you want. 🙂
    And I’ll read it whenever I feel like it. Deal? 😂

    I’ll learn from your experience, laugh along with you, & live vicariously through your travels – but only if you enjoy it. ❤️


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