Go west.

Location: ///forming.notepads.verges

The mission is to travel down to Wodonga (pop 35,000) to pick up a replacement radio for Ripley.

The entire trip, if I were scooting not scouting, is only around 3.5 hours or so. But I’m going to make a couple of nights out of it because, why not.

Tonight I’m in Jugiong. A favourite stopping spot. The afternoon air is hot jelly & angry cicadas by the time I pull into camp.

I take a shade hopping walk along the edge of the river. Brief chats with some other campers (the place is pretty empty, maybe 5 other rigs), before rounding back to Ripley.

Due to poor planning on my part I have arrived the one night of the week that the local pub is closed. So I fix dinner and crack a beer and sit outside luffing in the cooler evening breezes, watching tiny brown sparrows ground-hopping for snacks.

Later I lay in bed and pull up some Netflix. There is a trial, and a backstory, and a plot twist. I’m just too sleepy to get into it and my eyelids soon swipe down.

Tomorrow I will continue west. And a little bit south.

Tonights parking spot.

One response to “Go west.”

  1. At least it isn’t raining…..if it doesn’t slow down soon QLD will wash into NSW….!!!!!


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