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Woomargarra (pop. 251) is a small village about 50 km northeast of Wodonga. It was bypassed by the Hume Highway back in 2011.
The separtaion did not go well.

My summary of critical observations: there is not a whole lot going on in Woomargarra. The entire village is a few streets from end to end.

There are some houses, a hotel/motel that seemed to be replacing all the old carpet in its bar as I walked past. One short glimpse of a Ned Kellyesque tradesman dragging a thick roll of well-stained underlay out onto the lawn was the only local person I saw the whole time I was there.

Perhaps, I thought, there is no-one else. I did a slow 360 pivot. Nope. Nobody to be seen and the only sound, the slow dark cawwwww of a mocking crow. It is a little spooky. What exactly was in that roll of underlay?

I shake off the thought and walk on. Next was an old service station now repurposed as the local post office/convenience store. As I squinted, I’m pretty sure there may have been a lady inside at the counter…but it was dark and gloomy. Uncertain. Exactly the place for a zombie ambush, if one were to go in to see if the lady behind the counter was alive or not. And if she had fresh bread.

I did not wish to become one of the un-derlay dead.

Onwards. A community hall, a fire station, some neglected tennis courts. That was about it.

No one home.

But what it lacks in amenities (and, apparently, living souls) it makes up for with a small clean somewhat level area dedicated for self-contained RV’s to stay overnight. For free.

A paved rectangle, you could probably squeeze 5 or 6 rigs at a pinch. A clean toilet block. Obviously well serivced rubbish bins. Access to clean water. A sweet little park with green grass, covered tables, BBQ and a childrens playground.

Tonight I will be sharing the space with one other person. A solo female traveller from Victoria who is headed up to Sydney to spend Christmas with her family.

I’m surprised there are not more. This town has a lot of potential to leverage the increasing popularity of RV travellers. With international travel COVID suppressed for now, many people are exploring the rewards of travelling Australia by motorhome, caravan, or camper-trailer.

And a sort of unwritten rule amongst the RV community of a that when a town provides quality free (or by donation) campsites, you make sure you spend a little extra cash on the town.

Just off the main thoroughfare between Melbourne and Sydney, Woomargara is the perfect location for an overnight stop.

If they would just increase the RV parking spaces/facilities and promote themselves as an RV friendly town, the travellers will come with their credit cards.

Everything we need.

3 responses to “Woomargarra.”

  1. Good tip.
    When last doing a stop-over up that way, we used the free camp behind the pub in Tarcutta. It was good, but significant truck noise.
    Sounds like this one would be quieter, being a bit off the Hume.

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  2. ‘Woomargama’. It’s claim to fame is Princess Diana and Big Ears stayed at Woomargama Station in the 80’s. And Leonie, Super Nurse Practitioner, was born near there 🙂

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  3. the thought of making a road trip in an RV is certainly something that I would entertain. It’s been on and in my mind for a long time now but have only taking action when I did hire a campervan for a week where my wife and I went down to the south coast and we loved it. Just featuring this small town generates more thoughts and increases the chance of me acting on them.


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