Home for Christmas.

My final campsite for this trip was less than 2 hours whomp from my driveway. A couple of podcasts, and an enthusiastic sing-a-long with Freddie Mercury, and I was rolling back to my biographical centre of gravity.

Unpacking Ripley took no time at all.
For this road trip I was travelling tiptoe light:

  • First, a bag containing 4 days worth of dirty laundry and bed linen. Sling it straight to the pan room.
  • Then, a small amount of left over perishable food, just now beginning to express its inner compost spirit-vegetable. Sniff and toss into bin.
  • Finally, collect up my usual electronic travel accessories (kindle, iPad, Canon M50). 

That’s it. Before locking Ripley up I performed quick clean up & inventory, slapped sun shades up over all her windows, and then switched her into hibernation mode, essentially preventing any drain on her leisure batteries. All tucked in snug and sleeping.

That was a neat little trip away.
I really enjoyed myself, and Ripley caught up on a major service (the team at Wodonga Fiat do such a good job that I have no hesitation making the trip down just to experience the quality of service). She also has a brand new shiny radio.

Not so sure when we will be travelling in Ripley again….. we are thinking of a trip down the Great Ocean Road, but everything is in a state of emergent COVID flux again in Australia right now.
Travel anywhere may be subject to suspension without notice. Or not.

We live in interesting times.

Coffee Gratitude:

Sponsor: Matthew Yeager.
I had the good fortune to work with Matthew for some time in the Emergency Department at Canberra Hospital back in the day. A gifted nurse indeed.
Thanks for shouting* me this return to Canberra coffee Matt! I am very grateful.


Lil Milkbar. Canberra. ///precautions.stones.vote


  • Coffee 8.5/10
  • Service 9/10
  • Ambience: 7/10

* You can shout me a coffee too. See the link at the bottom of this post.

3 responses to “Home for Christmas.”

  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours Ian. Have a wonderful festive season x🎄


    1. Thank you Julie. And thanks for the coffee!


  2. Have the best Christmas ian and kelly.
    Have a healthy and happy Christmas and new year xx


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