Music: Penniless.

Regge is not on my on my usual listening rotation right now, Im still in my late 50s Jazz phase (think Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Gil Evans and dark smoky jazz clubs).
But this track came to me out of left field and I love it.

I won’t harp on too much because I always think it funny when someone raves about a particular music clip and then when you watch it yourself its like…….meh.

But I will say this live performance by the Hawaiian Regge artist Mike Love starts slowly and then unfolds into a long joyous sax solo that goes on and on and just makes me feel so happy.

In fact if you watch the Trombone player thru the clip. Thats my face.

Makes me realise, that one regret I have is perhaps not seeing more live music. I gotta do something about that.

This could just be the beginning of a whole new hippy phase.

Recommended listening: loud, late summer evening, a tall glass of iced mojito and space to groove. Hope it brings a smile to you too. Peace out.

2 responses to “Music: Penniless.”

  1. Deirdre Russack Avatar
    Deirdre Russack

    Hope you get to see lots of live music. I have seen more than I can remember and still want to see more. Not reggae enough for me but uplifting.

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  2. Wow! I’m brought to tears of joy. Hear a lot of Dave Winter influence. P.S. I’m 87 going on extinct. Crazy Old Cat Lady 😉

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