Last night in Bermagui

Walked the cliffs and found a grassy spot to linger watching a pod of some 15 dolphins. From my vantage point it was difficult to resolve their size, but they seemed huge.

I watched for some time not able to decide if they were hunting or surfing. Finally, I decided that they were meant to be hunting but as it was such a nice day, and the breaks were so sweet, bugger-it lets just have some fun.

Then down to the marina to check out the boats. Because who doesn’t harbour (…see what I did there?) some secret desire to grab a sailboat and get the hell out of Crazytown for a while to simply circumnavigate the bejeezus out of something.

And at the end of each day, sit on deck sipping something with equal parts rum and yum in it watching for the legendary green flash as the sun dips below the calm ocean horizon in slow lapping serenity.

Apart from the storms, and the sea, and the sharks and the scraping barnacles off the keel and the sinking without a trace and the seasickness and the rounding the horn and the icebergs and the pirates and the sea monsters and the cost…..the dream of sailing around the world super appeals to me.

Continuing the nautical theme, I seem to be busting out some sort of Viking / Pirate / Gypsy / Burnt-out-hippy facial growth at the moment. I feel the need to let it all out, and plait beads into it. Weird.

Coffee Gratitude.

Sponsor: Julie H

Thanks Julie, I enjoyed your coffee whilst steeping in the morning vibe & looking out across Horseshoe Bay.

I was trying to line up this pic with the coffee and the view and good composition and whatnot when I felt eyes boring into the back of my head. Turned around to see I had been ‘Insta-sprung’ by two girls at a table inside. They were greatly amused at my carry on: Like dude, don’t you know the Instagram food pic is so last century…havent you even heard of Tiktok?


Gulaga Organics. ///highlights.strapless.movies


  1. Coffee 8.5/10
  2. Service 8/10
  3. Ambience: 8/10
  4. Views: 9/10
Gulaga Organics.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the coffee, I appreciate so much your leveling posts, always pop up as I need them. Thankyou


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