Podcast: Conspirituality

Conspirituality is a podcast in which the three hosts (and often a guest) discuss a wide range of issues in the so called spirituality movement.

Topics include antivaxination misinformation & other conspiracy peddlers, the actual evidence for ‘alternative’ and ‘complimentary’ therapies, the emerging potentials of psychedelics, sexual and interpersonal abuse within some spiritual organisations, and the sketchy behaviours of some spiritual ‘gurus’ and social media influencers.

The hosts all have backgrounds in yoga/meditation, psychology, or science and bring a measured, sensible and engaging discussion to the table.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

As the alt-right and New Age horseshoe toward each other in a blur of disinformation, clear discourse and good intentions get smothered. Charismatic influencers exploit their followers by co-opting conspiracy theories on a spectrum of intensity ranging from vaccines to child trafficking. In the process, spiritual beliefs that have nurtured creativity and meaning are transforming into memes of a quickly-globalizing paranoia.

Conspirituality Podcast attempts to bring understanding to this landscape. A journalist, a cult researcher, and a philosophical skeptic discuss the stories, cognitive dissonances, and cultic dynamics tearing through the yoga, wellness, and new spirituality worlds. Mainstream outlets have noticed the problem. We crowd-source, research, analyze, and dream answers to it.

Conspirituality podcast.

Latest episode:

How to talk about conspiracy theories. Highly recommended.

One response to “Podcast: Conspirituality”

  1. Hi Ian, this is really a great topic, I have been struggling to talk with close friends and relatives that have become conspiracy nuts. It’s so exhausting trying to understand why they are going in this direction and trying to explain what the facts are.


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