Video: Death through a nurses eyes.

This short (15 min) film from the New York Times, looked at the current state of a COVID ICU in America through the eyes of a nurse.

Despite the rollout of vaccination programs worldwide, COVID19 is not over yet. And for many healthcare workers, the physical psychological and spiritual traumas are going to take a long long time to heal.

One response to “Video: Death through a nurses eyes.”

  1. A sobering snapshot.
    Most chilling for me was the reminder to expect a wave of PTSD
    Once they get a reprieve from this unrelenting heightened level of functioning we can expect humans to be human.
    I’m a few lines back from the front line, also luckily in Australia, and witnessing increased sick leave and extended leave.
    My heart is with those still fighting this 24/7 and in anticipation and sadness as we recognise a worldwide injured workforce as another sequelae of this virus.


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