Next trip: Great Ocean Road

Coffee and croissants with Kelly as we look at the options for our next road trip.

At the moment things are looking pretty good for a trip down to Victoria. The borders are open, the weather looks promising and by the time we depart (in a few weeks), Kelly will have completed her second dose of the COVID vaccine.

We are thinking of heading down on a close approach to Melbourne before using its gravitational pull to slingshot us off and down along the Great Ocean Road.
We have done this trip of a couple of times already… but never in Ripley (our motorhome).

One of the reasons we have hesitated in taking Ripley down the Great Ocean Road is anecdotal stories of the whole trip being Motorhome unfriendly. By this I mean scarce opportunities for overnight stays, poor parking opportunities, locals who are camper van/motorhome adverse, and sketchy (ie expensive, poor quality and/or grumpy owners). One van park in Lorne has a particularly poor reputation it seems.

However, anecdote is not evidence. So we think we will go on a scoping mission ourselves. What could possibly go wrong?
Er….thats a rhetorical question….please don’t answer.

Once we reach the end of the road (so to speak) we might just flip on over to South Australia to visit Mt Gambier (‘B’ on the map). We visited this city a couple of years ago (read here) and enjoyed it. As usual, our planned route is subject to change without notice or reason. For example, a re-trajectory up to the Grampians National Park is also very tempting, time permitting.

The total freedom to make frequent course corrections and unexpected stops are one of the joys of motorhome travel…and that’s the way we roll.


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5 responses to “Next trip: Great Ocean Road”

  1. Can I come ?….Just swing by QLD to pick me up…….lol


  2. We will welcome you back to Victoria!
    I will leave the road logistics to others.
    All I read was Melbourne- coffee – croissants !
    On your way through please park Ripley and catch a tram to Brunswick LUNE
    You will NOT regret it
    Time of day is everything though
    Engineering has met food and they are world famous
    Even their butter rationale makes send
    Kelly, you are in charge of this one
    Hope you can see the Lune Lab
    Have a great time planning and exploring regardless x


  3. Hello I tried to leave a comment but I couldn’t for some reason. You have picked a good time to go down the great ocean road. Usually it’s a traffic nightmare with lots of tourists and some questionable driving but at the moment it is fantastic.. one positive side effect of COVID. If you want any hints on where to go let me know. I live at Killarney, just past Warrnambool so have travelled that road many many times. We actually have a very attractive little camping ground in Killarney which you might want to investigate. Let me know if you end up there and I’ll make you a cup of tea Cheers Kate

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  4. If you’re in Ocean Grove on the Bellarine peninsula south of Geelong, feel free to message email me. You are welcome to free camp on my nature strip!!


    1. Thanks a ton for the offer. We may just take you up on it!


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