My favourite van build ever

Kelly and I are always toying with the idea of designing our own camper van.
We have watched an unhealthy number of YouTube videos on DIY van builds and designs for inspiration.
This is my still my favourite.

Clare Collins is an Australian artist, a solo traveller, photographer and (at the time this clip was filmed) a full-time van dweller.
Instead of toying with ideas, she completely self-designed her own van “down to the millimetre” over 12 months for around $70,000 all up. Her van is called ‘The Mouse House’.

Whilst the decor might not be exactly what I would choose, her no-nonsense planning approach, Aussie design aesthetic, and cool front door are brilliant….. but most of all, I am in total admiration of her quiet indomitable spirit.

At over 9 million views on YouTube, I think quite a few others feel this way too.

You can catch Clare’s latest YouTube update here.
Spoiler alert: she is now dividing her time between The Mouse house and her off-grid, permaculture block & recycled shack named ‘Happenstance’.

Clare…you are an inspiration.

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2 responses to “My favourite van build ever”

  1. Yikes! That’s One beautiful van!
    I can see why you’d love it.


  2. Had me until Toilet and Bathroom….need more room…

    Liked by 1 person

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