What’s up bro?

Hey. What’s up my shaggy little amigo?

Oh, you just got back from burying one of Kelly’s bras out in the mulch, somewhere way back behind the thornbushes, in a secret spot, where no human dare venture without risk of tearing the flesh from their bones, and piercing vital organs and suchlike, and you plan to drag the whole mouldy soggy fermented mess back inside on some stormy night in the not too distant future, dragging it all around the house before shaking the bejesus out of it & depositing the manky remainders on our bed for us to find when we wake up?

I can see how that would tire you out.

Best we keep the bra thing to ourselves though bro. Yup…best we do.

Nope. Nothing to see here.
Ian Miller

3 thoughts on “What’s up bro?

  1. Could be worse. I gave my guys a dehydrated pigs ear to chew. It got buried outside. It rained a couple of days later, so it got dug up and reburied under my pillow, which I discovered when I put my hand under my pillow, causing much angst and a full bed change at midnight. No more pigs ears …….


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