Midnight Oil live.

Last night Kelly & I went to see my favourite band of all time live.

What a treat, and how lucky are we that in these COVID times, we are still able to attend a live concert like this.

There were some restrictions. You essentially had to stay in your seat (toilet & food breaks excepted). So I couldn’t get up to the front of stage to immerse myself in the full experience, which I would dearly have loved to do.

And no dancing….although that proved practically impossible as the evening unfolded.

Not dancing. Just an outbreak of mass paroxysmal twitching.

I grew up with the Oils as a substantial part of the soundtrack to my life. Heck, Peter Garrett may have even influenced my choice in hairstyle.

The Oils did not disappoint. By the end of the night we were up on our feet like just about everyone else trying to look like we weren’t dancing whilst covertly dancing our butts off. I loved every thumping second of it.

One response to “Midnight Oil live.”

  1. Saw them in Brisbane 2017? I think – Fantastic show. Love the Oils

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