Coffee gratitude.

Thankfully, Canberra is just sitting in the penumbra of the torrential rain bomb that is now flooding large areas of New South Wales and Queensland to our north.
A one in fifty year rainfall event they are calling it. One in one hundred years in some places.

Again, communities are experiencing the suffering of dealing with damaged or destroyed property, and upturned lives. Just this time last year we were recovering from the summer of devastating bushfires and blistering temperatures. Dealing with the collective trauma whilst bracing ourselves for a world pandemic.

As if things are not foreboding enough, now there is a mouse plague in many rural areas. And today I read that the heavy rainfall is causing a spider plague. A SPIDER PLAGUE! (now I am worried).

So in the midst of a totally manageable rainy day there is a lot for me to be grateful for: Health, shelter, and not a spider in sight.
And coffee.
As the rain looks like the it has settled in for the duration I’m just going to potter around the house. For today’s coffee gratitude (thank you Tomica!) I am simply going to fire up the old Nespresso machine, and then flop down on the couch with my Kindle to enjoy.

The wet view from my couch.

I really like the homely feel of this cafe.
It seems somehow familiar and brings back plenty of happy memories. The music selection is spot on. Service is a little tardy though, and I noticed a pile of unwashed dishes in the kitchen, and the floor could do with a mop, but hey, you can’t have it all.

Sponsor: Tomica
Location: Home (Canberra, Australia)
Service: 3/5
Coffee: 4/5
Ambience: 5/5

If you would like to shout me a coffee, here is the link.

Juno has plans. Not.

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