Creative blogging options.

Im just switching things around and exploring my creative possibilities with this blogging platform.

Looking back over my stats for the last couple of months, whilst I have maintained a modest core fellowship of readers (thanks plus-ity plus plus to each of you!) & and a smattering of random stumble-inners, there has been little growth in regular subscribers or return visitors.

I attribute this to two factors:

  1. Content
  2. Engagement via social media

Content. The most best blogs usually write to some niche (or popular) specialty.
This place, on the other hand, is an eclectic collection of things that interest me. I make no apologies for this and randomly found thought objects is the way I shall continue to express myself. Even so, I am well aware that many readers may only be interested in one or two facets of the shojiwax stream.

Engagement. I really don’t want to go back to Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. I feel mentally healthier and all-around a more happy camper when I am not in or of their worlds.

Bugger it, it’s frustrating. I have written before how difficult it is these days to promote your own creative output without leveraging off the power and reach of these behemoths.
Bottom line: if you are not using them, not many people are going to find you.

Fact: More buskers live in New York than Antarctica.

As a result, I sometimes ask readers to share posts to their own social media streams which makes me a bit (OK, a LOT) of a hypocrite considering I write so much about the collective joys of getting the heck off of them.

In summary, I see shojiwax as a platform for me to release some of the creative gasses that otherwise bloat my consciousness like some existential wind pain.

I like to post more the more thoughtful, meaningful (ie they usually take longer to produce) posts to the main blog whilst laying a semi-constant dribbling dump of flotsam and jetsum to my tumblewax blog.

At this point I am experimenting using Tumblr (er…it is almost Facebook I know) to provide a platform for the second of these outputs and perhaps expose my content to new readers whilst only almost being on Facebook.

There, integrity almost intact.
Besides, it makes it way easier to upload stuff on the fly.

Stuff like this:

Featured image via Jr Korpa

Latest post from my other site:

One response to “Creative blogging options.”

  1. Will be interested to see how tumbler goes, have to confess I am not a fan but then also not a fan of Facebook, do still use Instagram though.


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