Three Simple Lines.

Up early, I sit 30 minutes Zazen with Juno curled at my side. The room is dark when I begin, a dim monochrome wash when the two chimes call it to an end.

I listen to Kelly getting ready for work. Then, after I hear the click of the front gate mark her leaving, I pad down to the kitchen.

Boiling water
The smell of Columbia
Brings me here.

Returning to the study, I sit the French press down, plop into my favourite chair and open my Kindle whilst it brews.

What is the Way of haiku? Bare attention, no distractions, pure awareness, noticing only what is in the moment. Being connected to seasons, unconnected to self-clinging. And then, out of that, composing your experience in three lines that go beyond logic, that make the mind leap. In the center, a taste of emptiness. A frog, a crow, a turnip — the ordinary right in front of you is the realm of awakening. Pure Zen but not Zen.

Natalie Goldberg – Three Simple Lines.

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