I have seen something strange in the sky for 2 days in a row.

This is about to get a little bizarre.
So, I ask you humour me for a few minutes whilst I explain.

A couple of weeks back I made a post (you can read it HERE) regarding my trip down the rabbit hole of UFOs or UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomenon).
You might like to take a moment to read it to set the context of what I am about to say.


Yesterday, Kelly and I were visiting my Mum. We were sitting outside having morning tea when I happened to glance up, and I noticed a small bright light down near the horizon. Initially, I thought nothing of it, it just looked like the sun shining off a distant aeroplane.

As I watched it slowly track towards us, it suddenly made a 90-degree turn and then a second 90-degree turn in short succession (like a ‘Z’). Now it really had my attention and I flagged it to Kelly.

We called my mum out of the kitchen to check it out too. All three of us had a long animated discussion over what it might be. Kelly and mum were convinced it was a kids silver balloon or perhaps a weather balloon. Of course, I had UFOs on the brain now.

It was a very bright white light and at one point Kelly and I both thought it looked like two lights (one above the other). It continued to move slowly in a straight line through a cloudless sky. It did not look to me like the sun reflecting off an aircraft. There was no sound, no contrails, and it appeared to be very high up.

It passed almost directly overhead, and then as I was watching it….it suddenly just winked out. BLIP. And that was that. We could not find it again.

I should also add that until yesterday I have never seen anything unusual in the sky that I didn’t have a quick explanation for. I have never seen a UFO before.


This morning at about 0900 as I was driving to the gym, I again saw a very bright light up in the sky directly in front of me. This time it appeared much bigger.
No waaaaaay. What the fricken chicken?!?

As I was driving in traffic I couldn’t pull over or keep looking up at it. Once I got parked at the gym I looked over in the direction I had seen it, and sure enough it was still there. Now it seemed much higher.
It was motionless. It fluctuated in luminosity from extremely dim to very, very bright (like a spotlight shining directly at you). Occasionally, it disappeared for a few seconds.

I watched it for perhaps 5 minutes until (just like yesterday) it suddenly disappeared.

This time I had my iPhone with me so I tried to snap some pictures. They look pretty unimpressive compared to what I actually was looking at…I wish I had been able to photograph it earlier when it appeared much larger.

Arrow points to the object. It appeared larger IRL. Venus perhaps?

I have no idea what is going on here.

It could well be that I am experiencing a case of confirmation bias. As I have recently been watching videos of UFOs, I was biased to think what I was looking at as something extra-ordinary rather than something simply explained.

Yesterday could have been a balloon, or perhaps the sun reflecting off a high altitude aircraft. It could have blipped out as the angle of sunlight reflection changed. Sounds reasonable.
Today, I could have been looking at Venus (after all it is called the morning star for a reason).

Aditionally it seems just too much of a coincidence that after posting about UFOs I suddenly start seeing them everywhere. Perhaps I am losing my marbles, an altogether more probable explanation.

Despite all this, on both occasions, my gut feeling was that I was looking at something strange and unusual.
I have seen Venus many times before and this didn’t look the same, nor has it ever disappeared. And balloons don’t usually make two 90-degree turns.

What do you think?

3 responses to “I have seen something strange in the sky for 2 days in a row.”

  1. Look more into the high strangeness phenomena that usually accompany such reports. Like, feeling you’re out of time, or things around you being frozen and without any sound etc. Most ufologists ignored these reports for 70 years, so their nuts & bolts materialistic theories went nowhere: we don’t know much more about the phenomena than we knew in 1950s. But look at the high strangeness, abduction, hypnosis (in between lives), NDEs, pre-birth memories, and even psychedelic reports (since people are seeing the SAME entities there too), and then a whole new avenue of information opens up for you. Old timer ufologists like Richard Dolan, Grant Cameron who didn’t want to even research that part of the phenomenon, now have come around too. They spent decades chasing crashed ufos, while the actual information of what these things really are are only in reports under altered states. In fact, many of the reports people think they see in consensus reality, later they find out that it wasn’t (e.g. multiple witnesses on a ufo, and half of them seeing it in the sky clearly, and half of them not seeing absolutely anything). Ultimately, there’s a consciousness element there.


    1. Thanks Eugenia.
      A very interesting comment. I too think it is worthwhile to resist the trap of ‘framing’ this phenomenon as technological.
      If we were living in the 1700s we would probably frame these experiences as religious. Because we are immersed in technology, extraterrestrial visitations in spacecraft is an easy correlation to make.
      It could be simply some natural phenomenon not yet explained, or it could be something from completely outside our current frame of reference.

      I try to keep an open mind whilst trying to critically separate the signal from the noise.
      Once you start to open up to the topics of NDE, mechanical elves, abductions, etc the terrain is littered with slippery rabbit holes straying into the deep dark noisy absurd.


  2. Argh…….run……they are after you Ian……I think you are on to something here…..

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