All the things.

Crumpled on frosty clover
A torn grocery list

and tulips.

I love finding other peoples discarded note fragments and lists. I think we all might be better off with fewer electronics and more notepads & pencils.

2 responses to “All the things.”

  1. Stuart Bullock Avatar
    Stuart Bullock

    This reminds me of the “This is Just to Say” poem by William Carlos Williams, viz.:

    I have eaten
    the plums
    that were in
    the icebox

    and which
    you were probably
    for breakfast

    Forgive me
    they were delicious
    so sweet
    and so cold

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  2. When it comes to remembering things, I am most definitely an analogue gal. The process of writing stuff down seems to help it cement in my memory. I’m sure there are studies about committing pen to paper enhancing memory retention.

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